• Justified By Grace

    Justified Designs is a full service screen printing shop that teaches the clients of the CEO program a marketable skill while employing ex-offenders to help to make them more stable.
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  • Bibles for Branchville

    We have begun a fundraising campaign to raise money for the purchase of bibles for Branchville Correctional Facility. Find out how you can help .
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  • Make a Difference

    Churches Embracing Youth is a designed to assist young men and women returning to our community from incarceration. Would you like to mentor one of our youth? Find out more...
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A History of CEO

  • Evaluating the Churches Embracing Offenders program: Who graduates?

    Evaluating the Churches Embracing Offenders program: Who graduates? Doctors Melinda Roberts and Melissa Stacer from the University of Southern Indiana conducted a 2 year study of the CEO program to evaluate our success. They looked at who graduates and why. The results are in and they are staggering. This research is invaluable in making CEO an Evidence Based Program. Here is a preview of their report. Read More
  • If it is Teaching Then Teach

    If it is Teaching Then Teach Probably the most important component of Churches Embracing Offenders is the programs that we teach. The lessons that our clients learn in programs such as Thinking for a Change work together in harmony with the teachings of pastors and bible study teachers in the churches, as well as the lessons learned in Celebrate Recovery. Read More
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